Research & Development


The technology: starch nanoparticles as a nasal vaccine delivery system: Our technology is based on bio-sourced nanoparticles (corn starch + lipids) and produced under GMP* according to the principles of green chemistry. These nanoparticles are used as a powerful antigen delivery system and do not require the addition of adjuvant. These nanoparticles have unique properties that allow them to cross mucus and deliver all types of antigens (viruses, bacteria, parasites) directly into immune cells after administration by a simple nasal spray. Vaccine formulations using our technology enable the breaking of the cold chain and their use in developing countries.

*GMP: good manufacturing practice

Vaxinano opens new horizons in vaccinology for human and animal health applications, allowing:
  • The creation of vaccines against untreated diseases, whether caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites
  • The development of inactivated nasal vaccines
  • Replacement of adjuvants in vaccines
  • Reducing the misuse of antibiotics
The key points:
  • safe-by-design
  • Without adjuvant
  • Without needle
  • World first: prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines against parasitosis