Research & Development


The vaxinano technology uses nanoparticles made of starch and lipids that are safe-by-design. These nanovectors are able to carry antigens for cellular delivery in an adjuvant-free manner, with unrivalled loading capacities, that are totally eliminated via the gastro-intestinal tract within hours. They can be administered by the intranasal route where they induce an efficient mucosal immunity in a needle-free fashion. However vaxinano’s technology is highly versatile and can also be administered by many other routes (mucosal, intramuscular, intradermic…).

Moreover, the vaxinano’s technology stabilizes the vaccine and makes its storage stress-free, while also permitting the formulation of cocktails of viral, bacterial or parasitic antigens.

As a world first, the proof-of-concept has already been performed on a toxoplasmosis vaccine in both chronic and congenital infection scenarios. Animals vaccinated via the nasal route were fully protected against an intestinal challenge mimicking natural infection, leading the way for potential human applications contrary to concurrent vaccines.

Vaxinano opens new horizons in vaccinology for both human & animal health applications, permitting :
  • The development of vaccines for untreated diseases, whether caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites
  • The development of vaccines to replace antibiotic treatments
  • The improvement of vaccine stability, relatively to their short shelf-lives
The key points :
  • safe-by-design
  • adjuvant-free
  • needle-free
  • long-term storage
  • efficient