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Human and Animal Health



Vaxinano: a new generation vaccine platform.

Vaxinano, based in Lille, is a biotechnology company specializing in the development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines to fight against infectious diseases in human and animal health. We offer a vaccine platform from which innovative, adjuvant-free vaccines are developed. This platform makes it possible to develop new vaccines, improve existing vaccines (replacement of adjuvants) and reduce/replace the use of antibiotics.

The technology is based on bio-sourced nanoparticles (starch and lipids) manufactured according to the principles of green chemistry and used as a powerful antigen delivery system. These nanoparticles are able to cross mucus and the vaccine formulations can be administered nasally or by injection.

Vaxinano is behind two world firsts with an inactivated vaccine against toxoplasmosis and an immunotherapeutic treatment against leishmaniasis.

Vaxinano is positioning itself as the first company to be able to develop inactivated vaccines without adjuvants administered nasally, also with evidence of efficacy against influenza and covid-19.


VAXINANO is a start-up located in the Eurasanté park. We occupy more than 800m2 of laboratories located near the Lille University Hospital.