Covid-19: a nasal vaccine with Vaxinano technology

Friday, September 10th 2021
Vaxinano continues to confirm its efficacy with its world renowned nanoparticulate delivery system by nasal vaccine administration.
This technology has already confirmed its effectiveness, especially in the fight against deadly toxoplasmosis in primates.
This delivery system also helps protect against viral infections. Indeed, the start- up has demonstrated that a nanoparticulate vaccine makes it possible to protect against infection from the influenza virus, and to induce mucosal immunity that blocks the transmission of the virus (Bernasconi et al., 2018; Le et al. ., 2020).
Vaxinano is pleased to announce that a nanoparticulate vaccine against Covid-19 has demonstrated positive preclinical results.
"Our candidate vaccine administered by the nasal route protects against infection but also against transmission of the SARS- CoV-2 virus. These results are comparable to those already obtained on our influenza vaccine." Announces Professor Didier Betbeder, CEO & CSO of the start-up Vaxinano
This vaccine is developed in collaboration with the BioMap laboratory at the University of Tours and INRAE.
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