An <cite>E.coli</cite> vaccine as an alternative to the overuse of antibiotics in poultry

An E.coli vaccine as an alternative to the overuse of antibiotics in poultry

Thursday, June 06th 2019
Faced with the worldwide emergence of antibiotic resistance, Vaxinano obtains funding for research with Immunova Analises Biologicas and Lesaffre International to develop a vaccine against avian colibacillosis.
Avian colibacillosis is caused by pathogenic E.coli and is one of the two leading causes of mortality and morbidity in poultry farms around the world.

As the world's second largest poultry producer, Brazil is particularly affected and the antibiotic resistance of E.coli bacteria no longer allow to control the infection. Vaccination is therefore an effective solution to reduce the number of infections and the subsequent use of antibiotics.

Vaxinano offers a new application of the current vaccine. Made of bio-sourced products, the vaccine will improve the effectiveness of low-cost solutions that have already proven their efficiency, non-toxicity, and stability in hot climate conditions.

In low-income and middle-income countries, small-scale farmers benefit most from improved access to low-cost vaccines because they are largely responsible for poultry production and, as a result, suffer disproportionately the effects of poultry diseases.

The 33-month project, with a budget of CAD 1,696,700, is supported by the UK Ministry of Health & Social Care and the Canadian-based International Development Research Center.

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