Vaxinano is on wiseed !

Vaxinano is on wiseed !

Friday, May 05th 2023
Vaxinano is a Lille biotech behind a world first with an inactivated vaccine against toxoplasmosis administered nasally.

Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease that presents a serious risk for subjects with a weakened immune defense system (HIV, cancer, transplantation) and pregnant women. During pregnancy, this infection is serious because it can cause abortions, affect the development of the fetus and, later, of the young child causing irreversible brain or eye damage. In the animal world, outbreaks of fatal toxoplasmosis are regularly reported in zoos around the world, thus threatening many species threatened with extinction. There is no vaccine or preventive treatment for this disease.

In this context Vaxinano has developed the first inactivated vaccine against toxoplasmosis administered by the nasal route. Since 2017, more than 450 primates have been successfully vaccinated in zoos around the world. These results are promising for the development of this vaccine in humans.

Vaxinano aims to facilitate access to vaccination and is part of the “One Health” principle which reconciles environment, animal health and human health by responding to public health and environmental issues.

We have just launched crowdfunding, called "crowdfunding", via the WiSEED platform to continue our work on the development of this vaccine.

This crowdfunding was officially launched on April 24.
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