New Contract

New Contract

Monday, July 01st 2019
Vaxinano Announces the Signing of a Third Research and Development Program with a Leader in the Vaccine Industry.
Lille, July 01, 2019 - Vaxinano, a company specializing in the development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for infectious diseases in both human and animal health markets, announces the signing of a third research and development program with its historical partner, a top-10 global leader of the pharmaceutical industry in the vaccine field.

After two successful programs with this partner, which have strengthened Vaxinano's proof of concepts and established industrial feasibility, this new program accelerates the collaboration and will bring several projects into development.

The continuation of this collaboration is also a pledge of confidence and evidence of the quality of Vaxinano’s technology, a unique vaccination platform based on patented nanoparticles. This platform is able to associate and transport pathogenic antigens to mucosal cells without toxicity, and to trigger the protective immune response.

Didier Betbeder, founder of Vaxinano says: “This is an opportunity to expand our historical collaboration. Our partner has renewed their trust”. He adds: “The value and utility of our technology is well received by the pharmaceutical industry”.
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